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You might remember we announced this site in our Christmas card. Then again, perhaps you don't remember that. You see, we haven't had too many visitors yet. So we here in the Stoffels family decided we ought to try to change that. We came up with a cunning plan. We decided to email everyone with a cryptic message about an announcement. If you're reading this, then we know it worked on you!

The question becomes: "Would they really use some cheap ploy like that just to get more visitors on their website?"

Click here for the answer. J

Believe it or not, in addition to the news above, we have some other things going on, too.
  • DeeDee's new business website just went live -- check it out! (You can also get there by clicking the DeeDee link at the top of this website.)
  • On March 20th, Andy was Master of Ceremonies for his company's 25th Anniversary celebration, which was held at Madison's Monona Terrace. About 1200 people attended! He still has his job, so he assumes it went okay.
  • Brett is continuing to grow, of course! He's speaking a mile a minute now, and enjoys Kindermusik class with Tracy on Friday mornings and swim class at the Oregon Pool with Mommy and Daddy on Wednesday nights. (His daddy promises to get his page on this website updated soon!)


We're guessing you're here because you got our Christmas card. We're thrilled that you've stopped by, and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Incidentally, did you know that all of our Christmas cards were hand-made by DeeDee? At various times throughout the year, all of the Hillmann women get together to create cards for all sorts of occasions. DeeDee's sister Dawn is a Demonstrator for Stampin' Up!, so, needless to say, business has been good for her this year!

If you'd like to know more about Stampin' Up!, you can contact Dawn. She's always happy to share her love of stamping!

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