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Alexa's turning 1 and Brett's turning 4!

LET'S PARTY! - Saturday, October 15th - 4:00pm
375 Sterling Dr, Oregon

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Gift Ideas
We decided to compile a list of ideas here for those interested in bringing presents (remember: Your presence is present enough!). These are just some ideas. We aren't expecting you to treat this like a gift registry or anything! We hope you find it useful:



Warm clothes for winter
  • 24 month/2T tops (yes, she's that big!)
    • Long-sleeved shirts
    • Sweatshirts
  • 18 month pants [if the waist is loose/big enough (i.e. mostly elastic), otherwise 24 month will have to do and we’ll roll them up]

Warm pajamas (24 month)

Size 4 or 5 shoes
Socks for that size foot, too

Fun toys for a 1 – 2 year-old

Kids' Papasan chair
In some girl color
Rumor has it these can be found at Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Thomas the Tank Engine "Take Along Thomas & Friends"
Found at most Target stores or click here
NOT the wooden ones -- look for this logo
He DOES NOT have any of the following:

Another Thomas Take Along Travel Tote Click for Image

Thomas Take Along Work & Play Roundhouse Playset Click for Image

Thomas Take Along Tracks Click for Image
Again, remember that these are not the same as the wooden Thomas sets

Packers Jersey (FAVRE) size 4T or 4/5 youth

Size 4T SLIM pants (athletic, jeans & khakis)

If you really want favored status, ANYTHING with Diego (Dora’s cousin) on it
COUPON available -- see sidebar
Clothes, toys, games, etc. (no electronic games, please)

Kids' Papasan chair
In some boy color
Rumor has it these can be found at Bed, Bath, & Beyond

COUPON available -- see sidebar
There are lots of new ones
We have the main set & transportation set along with a few other random cars.
Call if really interested.

Any other age-appropriate boy toys

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