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Ask DeeDee what -- besides my family -- makes me tick, and she'll tell you (in no particular order):
  • Packers Football
  • Computers
  • Acting
  • My job

She calls me her "computer geek." She tolerates the lost Sundays (and sometimes Monday nights) in the fall and allows me to pretend I'm someone else every once in a while.

Latest Packers News [archives]:

The 2005 NFL season has finally begun! Be sure to keep track of all of my latest posts about the Packers at my blog.

I-Beams Rock! Latest Acting News:

For the third time in as many years, I was involved in my company's annual multimedia presentation. We do a 10-minute movie based on some theme, which is itself usually based on some movie or genre of movies. This time, like two years ago, I was asked to take on one of the more major roles. Two years ago, when the theme was based upon Lord of the Rings, I played the warrior Dok Torr (we're a medical software company). This time, with a mystery theme, I was Sherlock Holmes. No shit! Sherlock!

Older News
The Monroe Theatre Guild presented our 16-man production of Stalag 17 back near the end of 2003. I traveled back down to Monroe four nights a week for rehearsals. The show was a success, and I enjoyed working with MTG folks again. John Peterson took some excellent shots at dress rehearsal, some of which are available at MTG's website.
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