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Could Tagliabue screw with us any more than he has over the last two seasons? Okay, so we get three more Monday night games, as well as a Sunday night on ESPN, so we'll be in the national spotlight -- but when aren't we? Come on, it's the Packers! But the second-to-last game -- on Christmas Eve -- is indoors... at the friggin' Metrodome... with that damn horn... but I digress. But seriously, can't we just get all of our December games at home in the cold on the Frozen Tundra? This parity crap is really not all it's cracked up to be.

All right, all right, I'm obviously bitching too much. After all, we do get four of our last five games of the season outdoors in cold-climate cities (Philly, Green Bay, and Chicago). It certainly beats last season, when we looked more like a West Coast team, with so many warm-climate games in December, fer-cry-ay-ay. I just hate the Vi-queens. Can you blame me?

I HATE WAITING! The NFL season is too damn short. Then again, maybe I'm just influenced to thinking that way because of "sports" like baseball, basketball, and hockey, the seasons of which all seem to begin two weeks before the previous one ends. At least there'll be more action soon. The draft is coming to whet our appetites.

Oh, and one more thing: Our first preseason game is against the Seahawks. Ah, memories....



Final NFC North Standings

Green Bay: 10-6
Minnesota: 9-7
Chicago: 7-9
Detroit: 5-11

Well, the Pack went 1-1 in the Playoffs this year. Dammit. I probably jinxed it when I predicted we could win. Or by any of the dozens of other unexpressed thoughts or feelings I had last week, or tics I didn't execute correctly, or outfits I failed to wear, etc., etc..

The first half rocked. We did everything we had to do. The one thing that will haunt me forever, though: 4th and 26. Am I the only one who remembers the Playoff game five years ago at San Francisco when Terrell Owens caught the game-winning touchdown between Darren Sharper and Pat Terrell? Same play, same end result. Catch me in five more years; I'll still remember both plays.



Wow. Wow, wow WOW! Well, my ticket for this afternoon's game could not really have been much better. I really was just about on the 50-yard line:

2nd and 5 from the 50 (Packers 0 - Seahawks 3; first play of the second quarter).

I was nervous as time ticked down toward kickoff, not only because this was the Playoffs, but because I was waiting in the Will Call line (along with 10,000 of my closest friends) in the freezing cold for two hours, S L O W L Y crawling toward the ticket windows (of which there were THREE!). I was within several yards of the front of the line by the time the Apache helicopters did their flyover at the end of The Star-Spangled Banner. I missed the first score -- just as well, as it was a Seahawks field goal -- but did get to my seat having missed only about nine minutes of the game.

I figure I got my money's worth, though, what with the extra five minutes of overtime added in at the end.

And what an overtime. A nail-biter. The "Cardiac Pack" was indeed back. Coolest of all? Al Harris intercepted that ball right in front of me. Just about where you see the down marker with the "2" on it in the picture above. See the big guy standing at the 40 on the left? That's Holmgren. The fans in my section loved seeing him doubled over in pain on the sideline after that play. He managed to have several little sweet-talk sessions with the officials throughout the game, all without having a timeout called against his team.

Next Sunday, it's on to Philly! I honestly believe we can win that game. If Ahman can run through their "defense" the way he did back in the Monday night game, and our secondary can win their man coverage battles, we should have it made.  In the meantime, we'll hope for the Panthers to beat the Rams on Saturday so that -- if we do win -- we'll get to play outdoors on grass, the way football was meant to be played.

Hm... Philly isn't that far from NYC. Maybe I can talk Mom and Dad into dropping me off!

Final NFC North Standings

Green Bay: 10-6
Minnesota: 9-7
Chicago: 7-9
Detroit: 5-11

I was at Lambeau when it happened. I will never forget the feeling. I still can't really speak -- both because I blew my voice out and because I'm just speechless! When the Packers scored twice in two consecutive plays after a brilliant goal-line stand to stop the Broncos from scoring on the 2-yard line, we knew we could put the game away. But whether we would be able to make the playoffs would be dependent on one other game. Thanks to Seattle's win on Saturday and Dallas's loss earlier on Sunday, we needed Arizona to pull off a huge upset on Minnesota ensure us a spot... and then the miracle happened over 1,000 miles away. The crowd went nuts. The Green Bay Packers are back-to-back NFC North Division Champions.



To quote Brett Favre after the game, "Something's going on here."

I was privileged enough to have been at that game, and I have two words: I BELIEVE.

1st and 10 from the Denver 42 yard line (Packers 10 - Broncos 0; 1:27 remaining in the first half). Chris: "An NFC North Champions sky."

Oh, and I'll also be at Lambeau again next Sunday when Mike Holmgren and his Seahawks return! 50-yard line, baby!!!

NFC North Standings
 Week 16

Minnesota: 9-6
Green Bay: 9-6
Chicago: 7-8
Detroit: 4-11

In Week 15, Green Bay was tied with Minnesota for first place in the NFC North division, and actually had the tiebreak! Unfortunately, by some miracle, the Vikings managed not to lose to the Chiefs on Saturday (they scored 45 points!). However, despite tragedy in Brett Favre's personal life on Sunday (or perhaps as a result of it), the Packers pulled off a huge victory against Oakland on Monday night. With a victory against the Broncos next Sunday combined with a Vikings loss against the Cardinals next week (get out your voodoo dolls), the Packers can clinch the NFC North division. If the Vikings win next week, we'll have to hope for things to work out elsewhere in the NFC just to get a Wild Card spot.


My annual trek to Lambeau (thanks to my best friend and fellow Packers fanatic, Chris!) is coming up on Sunday, December 28th. The Green Bay Packers will host the Denver Broncos for the last game of the regular season -- a rematch of Super Bowl XXXII.

Denver @ Green Bay

I'm looking forward to freezing my backside off in the weather in which football was meant to be played! (This game will follow two Packers road games in California -- IN DECEMBER! -- Paul Tagliabue should be strangled.)

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